About Us

John Klappstein - A director/screenwriter/composer who co-directed and co-wrote The Corrupted, an independent horror film that was shown at the Edmonton and Calgary International Film Festivals.

He considers his influences to be modern masters such as Cronenberg, Kubrick, and Fincher.

His current projects include a comedy called Dog Catchers, and he recently completed his spoof commercial series, "The World's Most Intoxicated Man".

Knighten Richman - Knighten began his film-making career writing, producing and directing short films and music videos. He co-directed, starred in and wrote his first feature-length film, “Errand Boy”,  on a budget of 500 dollars. The film got enough attention locally to achieve financial and community support for his second feature, the sci-fi action thriller, "The Corrupted". Knighten co-wrote and co-directed the film, which was selected for both the Edmonton International Film Festival and the Calgary International Film Festival.

Recently, Knighten directed a documentary on bullying called Project:Insight, for an Albertan anti-bullying crusader. His latest project directing Season 2 of The Gym Webseries was picked up by an American broadcaster and will be playing on Aggression Tv.